Part engineer, part scientist, I have been working since 2010 in the Li-ion battery field. I have developed a particular interest in improving our interaction with the complex measurements produced in this field. From crystal properties during my PhD to systemic control as of now.

Batteries are in fact the perfect candidates for data analytics: they are complex and involve a lot of unknown underlying mechanisms, yet experimental set-ups are well structured thence produce tidy data. The same tools can be developed for many domains, including the semi conductor industry, medical field, acoustics, etc.

The birth of hyamani.eu relies on a simple observation: while acquiring new equipment is costly, all labs regularly update their computer fleet. This new computing power can unlock knowledge from longer, more complex measurements. Today, many labs and industrials are still using Excel, lessening their ability to compare multiple observational units or do simple matrix operations. Excel is the perfect tool for reporting or simple analysis. For the rest, let me in charge of developing the right toolbox.

I am also in charge of publicly funded projects for the German production unit of Leclanché, a Swiss vertically integrated battery energy storage solution provider. For further information, you can find me on Linkedin: